Born For Higher Purpose

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for the good.” -Romans 8:28

There are many things within us which bother us. And they aren’t necessarily bad-on contrary they are a product of the work of the Holy Spirit in us because those things which are stirred at a given moment are the ones which put us out of the comfort zone; thus the verse in Romans 8:28 we often find it contradictory. The reason for that is the lack of understanding.

Grace can and is able to discipline only those who have decided to be disciples for only disciples can be taught-which basically is the essence of God’s discipline.

We read in the Word that we’ll reign in life through grace, but the only way this happening is if we allow God’s grace to discipline us. In the light of this, we ought to have greater understanding and tolerance for those who don’t comprehend grace.

When we go through trials and storms we ought to keep the gaze higher above the storms and fear not, for those very trials will trigger processes of Jesus’ discipline. Let’s clarify something right away: Discipline is not punishment as perceived by some, but rather implies the work of the Holy Spirit in us and He above all desires to honor us by encouraging us that we were born for higher purpose and that is to become people with noble character.

The path to this is through His wisdom given to us as a gift. Wisdom brings life in grace but at the same time initiates correction a.k.a discipline. Only a humble person will accept to be disciplined and only a disciplined person can be an example to others bearing fruit of righteousness, loving others and caring for them.

Our heavenly Father disciplines us so that we can be spiritual parents knowing how to discipline others.