It’s All About Jesus

“For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things…” -Romans 11:36

Circumstances in life aren’t always rectilinear. And for sure they will not become as such the moment one gets saved. Just because we have Christ in our lives, it doesn’t mean that all the circumstances and all the issues will be fixed almost instantly. Therefore let’s be careful how do we present the Gospel to others.

Yes, life is truly wonderful and in Jesus is the true abundance of living; yet many times the best news ever-the Gospel of God’s grace can cause the worst reaction out of people. Why? Because He shakes the crooked foundations. We all have experienced this. In all our excitement to share about the best thing that can ever happen to a living soul, still we can encounter the opposite even hostile reaction. And yet God remains with the same attitude towards each and everyone..the attitude of love. The Creator of the perfect and beautiful things has the most beautiful thoughts for each and everyone!

Let’s cease contradicting the Holy Spirit and let’s decide to agree with what God has to say about us and the others.
The center of the world, the center of the whole universe is Jesus! Everything revolves around Jesus Christ-everything. All the joy, all the glory..all the praise and beauty…but also all the problems and unresolved issues; because they seek to be solved and resolved by Him and in Him.

Although sometimes we think that we are the center because many things happen to us, still it’s all about Jesus.
The pressures we experience, the trials we go through and the opposition we face is only because of Jesus inside of us.
Everything is touched and stirred because of His presence. The creation has its breath solely because of the resurrected King and His sustaining life-giving breath to all. His word is life…
Jesus Christ is all in all!