Living In God’s Wisdom

“‘I have the right to do anything’, you say-but not everything is beneficial. ‘I have the right to do anything-but not everything is constructive.” -1 Corinthians 10:23

We ourselves are often the main culprits hindering our own building up and edification. It is truly unwise to fill ourselves with information that does not come from the Holy Spirit – information and knowledge formed by the environment or the culture we live in. The culture we live in may have the greatest impact on us but unfortunately most often makes us unable to act and live in complete spiritual fullness.

The influence of the culture can be so strong that it will form its own spiritual state in a person thus enslaving the body and the soul. Unfortunately, such culture carries its own wisdom which James describes as wisdom that does not come from heaven and is earthly, nonspiritual and demonic (James 3:15).
For a short time, such wisdom may seem good to us, but in the long run, it brings disappointment and destruction for the people who live according to it.

To illustrate, I’ll refer to an interesting “phenomenon” that can often be seen in the world society. It seems as if almost everyone has deep understanding and expertise in every known disease. People even know the Latin names for diseases and diagnoses. This is one example through which we can see how culture shapes our world view. In this case, fear of illness creates an unhealthy need for information and knowledge.
Instead of investing in knowing the Holy Spirit, people ‘invest’ in earthly knowledge.

Yet the Holy Spirit gave us promises and principles; and to those who believe they will always function. This means that the Spirit will heal the body, he will restore the blood, restore the skin and will give strength to the body throughout our entire life. Regardless of everything, because of that source of strength, we will be ready and equipped with everything to live in vitality and health.

The Holy Spirit will guide us into wise decisions about our health and will inspire us for a healthy and long life. Therefore, we, as wise people, let us put our trust in the Lord Jesus and we will not let lies become a part of our lives. Wisdom wants to change the culture around us and the dominant way of thinking, so that grace can powerfully act and manifest itself.