“When all one’s energy, attention, and desires are aimed at one thing.”

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can focus and direct our thoughts on Jesus and His presence, His acting, what He does, what He wants to do and what He wants to give us. Now, since the Holy Spirit lives in us, we can manage and redirect our thoughts. Our spirit is not obliged to think as our mind thinks.

Although they are connected, they have a different nature. Our mind in its nature is subject to change and needs to be renewed, while our spirit does not change because it is perfect.
Sometimes we wonder why some people have so many supernatural experiences and keep talking about them. But what else would they talk about? If we do not talk about the things of the Holy Spirit, then we will talk about things that are opposed to him. If we do not fill ourselves with His thoughts, then we will fill ourselves with thoughts that are contrary to His.

The present is a time to fight the battle of faith. If we do that today, then we lay a foundation for tomorrow.
When have you last experienced something supernatural? For if we put God only in the sphere of our understanding, then we have failed the test to show that God is God and that we are humans. God has always wanted to manifest His nature and His power. God wants to act in a supernatural way in our lives, to do things that are above our understanding and beyond our possibilities.
To be a Christian means to be in Christ, to be like Christ, and act through the mind He’s given us so that we can live for Him.

Without Christ, we can do nothing, which means in Him we can do everything for which He has called us.