“But He gives more grace, therefore it says God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble….Submit yourselves therefore to God.” -James 4:6-7

On many occasions, this verse has been taken out of its context and most commonly used as a tool of intimidation for the nonbelievers. Yet this scripture is deeper and affects those who are part of God’s church.

Is it possible for God to oppose believers, those who got saved and have put their trust in Him?! Or better said how is it possible a believer to put himself in a position to be opposed by God (not in way of losing salvation and sent to eternal damnation tho)?!
One thing which saddens me and I notice in churches is the disobedience. And almost in every instance of disobedience, the common denominator is the disappointment people experienced from authorities. And without awareness or on purpose they transfer the same attitude in the church they join.

In what way? They refuse to submit to the spiritual leadership of that local church, thus they don’t accept and don’t follow the vision of that leadership which basically means they in their mind oppose God and His purpose to prosper them by their obedience to the vision.

We ought not live in the shadows of the past which has the tendency to keep us bitter and disappointed.
Jesus has taken us out of the dominion of darkness (It’s NOT a kingdom of darkness) and placed us in the Kingdom of light in which we cannot afford the ‘luxury’ of being disobedient to the vision of the local church where we chose to belong.
The responsibility is solely ours.